Brands are leaving lots of money on the table by using just 1 marketing goal — Facebook ads review

  • Top of the Funnel (TOFU): These are the people who have NEVER heard of or had contact with your brand. This is the COLDEST of the coldest audience.
  • Middle of the Funnel (MOFU): People that have previously interacted with your brand in any way (liked one of your posts, commented on them, viewed one of your video ads, liked or visited your page, etc.). The degree of user commitment can vary a lot, but as we will later see, nowadays, most platforms let us create as many user segments as we want, based on their online behavior.
  • Bottom of the funnel (BOFU): These are people who have bought from you in the past. This is, of course, the WARMEST of your audiences.
  • Reach: Works really well for increasing exposure in short periods. For example, if you’re organizing an event and want many people to show up, you might want to run this goal.
  • Brand awareness: Targets users who will remember your brand the better. In fact, Facebook even states that clicks are really not that useful to predict brand awareness. Offering great content and a great experience will result in much higher awareness for your brand. There’s no need to include a CTA (Call to Action, such as a link); the people who interact with the content will “warm-up” and will be targeted with more purchase-oriented advertising, as they advance down the funnel.
  • Video views: Video views are in the consideration group, but they can also be very powerful for brand awareness and cold audiences, as they do not require a lot of commitment from the user. Video views can be cheap if your content is good (I’m talking cents here…), and will create tons of rapport with users: they will not only be entertained but also get to know your brand. Facebook can currently track how many minutes of a video each user watched, letting you use that information to create user segments that you can then target with your ads.
  • Lead generation: This marketing goal has made the collection of user emails really simple. So simple, in fact, that many do not even remember when you send them an offer to their email. One key aspect to consider: email marketing alone could get some sales, but if you use it with some TOFU/MOFU advertising, it can perform really well.
  • Conversion ads/Product catalog: Works best with warm audiences. Segmenting your audience based on their behavior will let you target users who have interacted with your brand the most (remarketing), users who have bought from you in the past, and new users who are similar to your current customers (lookalike audiences). These are all warmer audiences that you could target with this type of ad.
  • Traffic: This one is probably the most used marketing goal, as traffic has traditionally been linked to good results. Clicks, however, do not correlate with ROI (90% of purchasers never clicked on an ad) and come from just a portion of our audience: the clicky users. You should always keep in mind that there are video viewers, long posts readers, and many other consumer personality types that do not necessarily click on ads and that you’re probably not targeting with a traffic ad.
  • (TOFU) 30-minute video with video views objective. The goal here is to explain to users why they have a problem (that your product solves). You will identify the users for whom this really is a problem (your potential users)
  • (MOFU) Post content to your page. Organic reach is very limited these days, then you might want to pay for post boosting, so you’re able to check how your posts resonate with your audience. Your top-performing posts will become your golden ads.
  • (MOFU) Build custom audiences (video viewers, website visitors, etc.) and target your golden ads to them. As these are consumers who have interacted with your brand before, you can start explaining more about why your product is the solution to the original problem.
  • (BOFU) Have splinter offers (“offering a piece of the core offer for a lower price”) to highly qualified segmented audiences. You can retarget these users with MOFU nurturing ad pieces, so they have more chances to see your brand.
  • (BOFU) Create new lookalike audiences with your existing customer base. These audiences are built by the platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) based on your users’ interests, demographic information, and many other aspects. These people should be then, more responsive to your ads.




Growth marketer passionate about launching awesome products!

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Ricardo Perez

Ricardo Perez

Growth marketer passionate about launching awesome products!

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